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  • Android advertising machine makes enterprise propaganda easi
  • Editor:Hangzhou Fanyue Technology Co., Ltd.Date of issue:2020-10-22 10:47 Number of visits:

For the promising future prospects, Android advertising machine market is fully competitive, the strong expansion of big brands, the capitalization of operation, the flow of small brands in the low end, the development of second and third tier brands is increasingly difficult, each brand is seeking its own way of survival, combined with its own enterprise experience for many years, including product experience, marketing experience and long-term formed judgment on the market, forcing enterprises Industry has to find its own way out in the homogeneous competition.

It is absolutely a big innovation in the digital signage industry to implant Android platform into large-scale LCD advertising machine. Android (Android) platform has the advantages of small size, high performance, low power consumption and low price. After the LCD advertising machine is implanted, it can easily deal with the basic functions such as video playing and advertising publishing. It can also use the multi-point touch function supported by the platform itself and the powerful app Market to realize the touch application of advertising machine, such as information query, web browsing, playing games, etc

The production technology of Android advertising machine is exquisite, the appearance design follows the flow, simple, clear, beautiful, environmental protection, generous, and has strong impact resistance. Moreover, the whole machine of Android advertising machine adopts high-strength sheet metal design, so it has great self-protection performance, such as anti riot, waterproof, antimagnetic, wear-resistant, anti-static and so on.

In addition, the overall style of Android advertising machine interface conforms to VI specification, reflecting the characteristics. Based on the principle of convenient use and friendly design, it is generally simple and easy to use, uses large font, occupies the main position of the screen, and is convenient for customers to operate and has excellent interactivity. The position of each operating part of the equipment is designed in layers to ensure the reasonable distribution and humanization of the components. The expandable module design is reserved in the structure to ensure the strong expansibility of the equipment.

As a new generation of intelligent device of the fifth media, Android advertising machine can realize information display and video playback through network and multimedia system control. With LCD as the media of advertising information and multimedia information publishing system as the operating terminal system, Android advertising machine can remotely control the updating, timing and rotation of advertising information, so as to make the advertising information release and update more intelligent To change.

Android advertising machine has got rid of the previous traditional advertising mode, because it has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, multi-directional and multi-media, it is easy to be accepted by the majority of groups. Moreover, the use of Android operating system will make the expansion of advertising machine function more convenient. Various functional applications put forward more personalized, more detailed and specific requirements for the function of information publishing platform.