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What are the functions and application values of touch advertising machine?

In many interactive applications, in order to improve communication and convenient service, touch advertising machine has been used to serve. Through the application of touch advertising machine, interactive applications can display propaganda to users faster and better. The masses can also get the information they want through simple touch operation, or handle simple business, which not only improves the service level, but also facilitates users.

Although touch advertising machine is also a kind of computer products, with the continuous progress of touch technology, there are more and more electronic touch products on the market, and the use of fingers for touch operation has gradually become a behavior habit of people. But compared with ordinary computer products, it has a great difference. Touch advertising machine integrates many functions such as computer, TV, touch screen, audio, multimedia, Internet and so on. Due to the different functional requirements and application fields, the requirements of production technology and material quality are more stringent. The operation mode does not need to use the traditional mouse and keyboard, and users can directly operate on the screen.

Application value of touch advertising machine

1. A high-tech image and high efficiency communication media, unique streamline style design, high-definition display screen and interactive function enable users to better accept the content. At the same time, remote control can be used to form different publicity themes in each region, so as to improve the public's attention.

2. Interaction, attention and timely solution are not only through remote control of publicity content, but also users can reflect a series of problems to the government through interactive function. More rapid communication means can improve the efficiency of work and more user support.

3. Business online processing, increase multi outlets with low cost to ensure safe access to the government intranet, through touch advertising machine query software online processing of a number of services, to provide users with self-service processing function, reduce the burden of businesses, improve business efficiency. .


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