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  • Intelligent commercial display equipment
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In recent years, with the intelligent upgrading of the business display industry, the functions of various types of business display equipment are more and more diverse, and the application scenarios are also more and more extensive, from government service to intelligent medical treatment, from intelligent transportation to smart retail. What is the specific application performance?

1. Digital signage

When customers enter the mall, they can see the digital signs, which can play the product function introduction, preferential information, service guarantee, etc. Through these wonderful information display can attract the attention of customers. And digital signs can timely present many brand promotion activities in shopping malls, and various discount information can attract customers to shop for shopping.

2. Self service cash register

As we all know, the most intolerable thing to do shopping in the supermarket is to wait for the cashier for a long time, especially during holidays or weekends. This pain point has become an opportunity for the birth of self-service cash register. Nowadays, many large and small supermarkets use self-service cash registers, such as China Resources, Baijia, Century Lianhua, Carrefour, Tianhong and other supermarkets. How to use self-service cash register?

Consumers simply scan the shopping bar code in the scanning area of the cash register. The name, quantity and price of the commodity will be displayed on the screen in time. After the correct check, WeChat mobile phone or Alipay can be used to pay. This efficient and convenient cash register has attracted many consumers