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  • Industrial design upgrade of face recognition self service t
  • Editor:Hangzhou Fanyue Technology Co., Ltd.Date of issue:2015-03-30 17:48 Number of visits:

With the continuous development and maturity of biometric technology, biometric technology seems to have an explosive trend. Enterprises continue to realize the product of technology, which promotes the development of the whole biometric industry. A large number of face recognition terminal products are on the market one after another, and products are used in many fields. The face recognition self-service terminal product is very practical, and it has considerable advantages compared with the traditional real-name authentication equipment. It is precisely because of the powerful function and practicability of products, enterprises have joined the competition team in order to gain market share. The market products tend to be similar in technology and appearance design. Because of the lack of industrial design ability, there is no obvious difference in products and the competition is becoming more and more difficult. Of course, more and more enterprises also pay attention to the importance of industrial design for product upgrading, but how to upgrade the industrial design of products still needs professional answers from product design companies.