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  • It's time to upgrade your device to face recognition
  • Editor:Hangzhou Fanyue Technology Co., Ltd.Date of issue:2014-12-29 17:01 Number of visits:

We often talk about AI technology in our daily life, and AI technology has been applied to our lives. AI is the artificial intelligence technology, artificial intelligence can make the human speech recognition, image recognition, of course, also contain the face recognition, this is the application of AI technology is the most basic, the smartphone is our daily use, also is to use the AI technology, now it's not hard to see some payments such as software is actually can login through brush face is the face recognition.

The continuous development of AI technology will lead to more industrial revolution. AI technology has been integrated into our daily life, such as our transactions on the Internet and how merchants obtain sales data, which are obtained through the analysis of artificial intelligence data. In our daily life, we most often use AI technology to identify technology and data processing technology. In the future, AI technology will be more personalized and customized products will appear to provide services for customers.

AI technology has been applied more and more widely in our daily life, and with the continuous development of science and technology, it is not difficult to find that today's high technology is no longer lonely, but we use it every day. For example, when we go to the station, we need to brush the face and compare it with the id card. When we go to some communities, the entrance and exit of the owners are all face recognition. For example, in some large meetings, face recognition technology is required. Then there is xiaomi, which is used by us. Most of xiaomi's products are operated by AI technology. Xiaomi's smart household appliances are convenient for our daily life.

Check whether your company attendance attendance needs to be upgraded to face recognition, whether the community gate should be in accordance with the face recognition gate, whether the hotel management should introduce the witness comparison machine...... Please contact us if you need.